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Kimberbell Fill in the Blanks April "Cactus Love" Velveteen Pouch

Posted on March 26 2021

You can send a little Cactus Love- stitched on this lovely amethyst Velveteen Zipper Pouch. 

Kimberbell’s April Fill in the Blank design brings the beauty of warm desert sands into this lush zippered pouch. Featuring a saguaro cactus made of Embroidery Leather and an Embroidery Felt prickly pear, both nestled in a bed of applique fabric and encased in Sweet as Candy Clear Vinyl. Topped with a heartfelt gift tag, Cactus Love is a succulent project for both sewing and machine embroidery enthusiasts!

RECEIVE A FREE, EXCLUSIVE DESIGN FOR BOTH SEWING AND MACHINE EMBROIDERY when you purchase this April’s design blank – the LIMITED EDITION amethyst velveteen zipper pouch! Purchase your blank HERE

PLEASE NOTE: THESE DESIGNS WILL BE SENT AS A ZIPFILE EMAIL TO YOU ON APRIL 1, 2021, even though you may purchase the velveteen zipper pouch now.

*Again, the design itself will not be emailed until APRIL 1st.
This purchase includes (1) Amethyst Zipper Tote Blank + the design file and/or sewing machine pattern for the design. This purchase DOES NOT include the embellishments and materials found on the zipper pouch.

The "Finish It" kit may be purchased  HERE. 
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